Sonett All Purpose Cleanser 萬用清潔液 500ml




高效去油穢,親膚,100% 自然降解。

清潔和保護地板、瓷磚、洗臉盆、廚房家具、汽車等。 也可清潔大面積窗戶。 



1) 加5-10 ml於10公升洗滌水中,也可根據污漬程度增減。 

2) 未稀釋使用:將幾滴清潔液滴於海綿或濕布上,直接使用。 

3) 用於清潔窗戶:加5 ml於5公升洗滌水中,配合海綿 / 刮刀使用。

Ecological universal cleanser.

Imported from Germany

excellent grease and dirt dissolving, skin-friendly, 100% degradable.

Cleans and protects floors, tiles, washbasins, kitchen furniture, cars, etc. Also

suitable for large-area cleaning of windows.

Possess outstanding grease- and dirt-dissolving properties. Orange-peel oil further improves and intensifies the fat-dissolving performance.  

Application : 

1) For use in mopping water: add 5–10 ml in 10 litres of water, depending on the degree of soiling.

2) Undiluted: Apply a few drops to a sponge or moistened cloth.

3) For the cleaning of the window : 5 ml in 5 litres of water, use sponge and squeegee.

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