Sonett Laundry Liquid Lavender 薰衣草洗衣液 2L



德國進口,環保洗衣液 :

親膚,高濃度,高潔效,100% 自然降解。






高濃度,兩公升可洗400磅衣物 (以軟水及清洗輕度污漬計算)。




Ecological laundry detergents.

Imported from Germany

skin-friendly, high yield, effective, 100% degradable.


Suitable for all colour and white textiles made from cotton, linen, hemp, and fabric blends.


The ingredients sugar surfactant and coconut oil alcohol sulphate are cleaning substances which, next to soap, are the most easily degradable and skin-friendliest ones.


High yield, 2 liters are sufficient for 400 lbs of laundry (soft water & slight soiling).


Application:  Base on quantity need (or see details from packaging), put it straight into the drum or hand wash.

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